Children's Hairdressing


Taking your child for their first haircut can be a daunting experience. At Atomic Hair in Didcot, our friendly and professional staff are experienced when it comes to children's' haircutting and will ensure your child relaxes by providing a sensitive and caring approach.

Giving your child a happy visit to the hairdressers

Whether it's that first haircut, a good tidy up following a "growing out" phase or a quick fringe trim, the Atomic Hair team have what it takes to help your child enjoy a visit to the hairdressers:

• Relaxed, stress-free environment.
• Careful, caring staff, experienced in children's hair cutting.
• Sensitive approach so that you and your child can be confident and happy about their new look.

If you have any queries about our children's haircutting service don't hesitate to contact our team today.

hair styling for children
For a caring approach when having your children's haircut
Call 01235 834 307
children's hairdressing

Making children's haircutting fun - for everyone

Our friendly services aren't just limited to ensuring our ladies' and men's hairdressing takes place with comfort and relaxation in mind! 

We know that some children find being at a salon stressful, so we're sensitive to their needs and will work hard to make your children's haircut fun for everyone!
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